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Log on using the user name and password supplied by your loved one’s account manager.


If an account has not been created for your loved one you can create one here:

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If an account has been created but you do not have the password or account name you can search for the name of your loved one and send an email to the account manager to send the password to your email address here:

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Welcome To Hope And Cope!

Hope And Cope is your web portal to easily create a page for the funeral of a fallen loved one or friend.  You can create your own funeral page with an obituary. Easily create your page and share it with all your friends that plan on attending so everyone is on the same page. Donations can be made through your page for the family or to help pay for the funeral home. Let people know what to bring to the funeral as well as directions to the funeral home.  You can add any content you want to your page so go ahead and try it today!