About Dr. Carr-Lee

Dr. Nicole Carr-LeeDr. Nicole Carr-Lee is a clinical psychologist who lives in Santa Monica, CA. She has clinical experience working with individuals and families throughout the lifespan, from toddlers through the elderly. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from UCLA and her Doctorate in clinical psychology from the PGSP-Stanford Psy.D. Consortium. While Dr. Carr-Lee enjoys work with clients of all ages, she was especially impacted by her work with the elderly.


Dr. Carr-Lee provided therapy for veterans and their families in end of life and hospice care for about a year. What really stood out to her about this experience was the way in which we consider what is truly important to us, at the end of our lives. She recognized how clients and their families focused on their values, shared memories, and lasting experiences in preparation for their passing. Those who had time to reflect on their lives, and consider what they wanted to be remembered for rarely talked about money or power. Instead, the focus was on family, friends, and positive contributions they would leave behind. They thought about ways they helped others, and how they hurt others. It was especially striking to see how many could put aside their pride and differences to reach out, and make amends with loved ones. Knowing from experience how death and dying can have a tremendous impact on all of us made Dr. Carr-Lee interested in providing mental health consultation for Hope and Cope.


Dr. Carr-Lee’s posts will focus on psychological concerns surrounding death and loss. The posts can be used as a resource for those coping with the loss of a loved one, and those who are interested in helping someone else who has experienced loss. The posts can help you identify what is typical when going through the grieving process, and help you see that you are not alone in your feelings. You will also find tips on using support from others, exploring your emotions, and remembering your loved one. Dr. Carr-Lee’s posts look to embody both the “hope” and “cope” this website is based on. She aims to provide realistic, useful information while showing empathy and encouragement for those dealing with loss. The human spirit is incredibly resilient, even in the most difficult times.