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The Hope and Cope Story

Hopeandcope.com is a service born in California from unfortunate necessity. A San Diego public school teacher had the unenviable duty of going to seven funerals over the course of one year. In all but one of the funerals, the deceased were under sixty and had no known terminal illness. The deaths were tragic, sudden, and the families were not mentally, emotionally, or financially prepared to deal with the circumstances. The families were overwhelmed by the need to come to terms with the loss and make funeral and burial arrangements.

Two of the deaths were the parents of his former students. These former students were in college at the time.  The teacher tried to pool together as many resources as he could to help the students. With some hard work, and community coming together, fortunately the students were able to send their loved ones off with dignity and respect.

After the seventh funeral, the teacher concluded that in this day and age it should be less daunting for families to honor their loved ones (he was unable to find an existing service that would address these needs).  Families needed a web-based service that would help them to plan for as well as communicate with their families and communities during difficult circumstances. Hopeandcope.com is the product of that teacher’s desire to provide an easy way for communities to support families in need with love and support throughout death, mourning and bereavement.